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Debut Novel by

Pat Adams

A psychological thriller.  Family drama, bad decisions and a man running from it all.....a life spiraling out of control.  The world is the stage.

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My Story

I had the idea for The Vacationer while sitting on a beach in Motu Mahana, French Polynesia in 2012.  The idea hit like a brick while staring out into the water and sipping on coconut water straight from a coconut.  It was so vivid, I went and asked for a pen and paper from the bar and began writing down an outline.  I wrote the first draft of the book while on a three-month sabbatical in Asia and Europe in 2014.


I am the owner of Patrick Adams Books, a company dedicated to publishing and author services.  The Vacationer is my first novel and I am excited to bring that idea that came to me while enjoying a sunny day in paradise finally into existence!


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“When I read The Vacationer, I was
astonished by how Pat Adams' debut novel was not only a vivid travelogue but also an eloquent story of a journey from light to darkness and then darkness to light”.

R.A. Held 

Independent Book Reviewer

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